Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tuesday night in to wednesday

OH arrived home and Rodders was busy chewing a cardboard tube on the door mat. OH stood outside and watched him for a moment before opening the door. Rodders leapt up, barked once and then started squeaking with delight. He was desperate to be picked up for a snuggle.

Once Rodders had calmed down a little we all headed upstairs so that OH and I could get changed in to our scruffs - so much easier when there is a chance of playing on the floor with a puppy or being leapt on with wet paws! Rodders had one attempt at raiding the laundry but one word from Oh and he stopped straight away.

I left OH and Rodders upstairs and came down to carry on with dinner. They soon joined me and were happy playing until it was time to eat.

Rodders always seems to ask to go out in to the garden while I am eating and so I am getting quite used to leaping up and down mid meal! OH thinks maybe we should swap sides so that he can take his turn.

After we had eaten Rodders was given his dinner by OH as I was clearing up and he sat and waited nicely while the bowls were put down. He was given the very last of a tin of id diet made up to 80g with kibble. It would appear that he was hungry as it disappeared fairly quickly. I have kept back 2 tins of id diet in case we have any similar problems in the future. Rodders seems to drink more when he is eating kibble which makes me happier, I know the id diet is wet food but I can't see how he can get all his water intake from that, I do like to see the levels on his water bowls decreasing! It is good to see that he is now drinking from the bowl in his crate.

Once he had finished eating he came through for a snuggle on the sofa with OH. OH was lying full length on the sofa and Rodders started off on his chest but soon went exploring. When I looked up he was standing on OH's feet peering over at me on the other sofa. He really is quite funny and very cute!

Once he asked to go down he was happy to snooze on his bed pad or, when he got too warm, on a snuggle fleece. He is still barking quite a lot but OH seems to be able to get him to quieten down easier than I can. Although he doesn't speak Rodders very well and can't tell when the bark means something like I have my toy stuck under a chair or somewhere inaccessible or if it means he wants to go out in the garden. So even when he is here it is still me that is leaping up and down!

At bedtime Rodders was happy to walk out in to the garden as long as I went with him but he took an age before he decided to piddle. As soon as that was done he wanted straight back in the house but had to be lifted in to his crate once I had locked up and switched the lights out. I gave him a few bits of kibble as a treat.

At just after 4am he started to bark the house down and OH shot out of bed (this makes up for not speaking Rodders!) and came downstairs to him. After a quick fuss it was obvious that Rodders was desperate to go out in the garden and he went straight out and pooped. Once back inside he wanted to play but OH wasn't having any of it. He enticed him back in to the crate with some kibble and said goodnight. Rodders wasn't happy and sat with his back to him and his tail out in the hope that the crate wouldn't shut, it did! Rodders gave a few whingy squeaks when OH came back to bed but soon settled back down.

When OH's alarm went off he switched it off and fell back to sleep so there was a bit if a panic when he did wake up. He went straight in the shower and had been in there for a few minutes before Rodders started to bark. I got up and came down to sort him out.

I gave Rodders a bit of a fuss and then he wanted out in to the garden for a piddle. He rushed back in when he heard OH come down and wanted a fuss. I got them both breakfast and made us a cuppa - Rodders doesn't get one of these! Rodders was slightly confused as there was only one bowl with something in it, I should have lifted the other one, silly me.

When OH was leaving for work Rodders went out with him but wouldn't come back when I called him so I had to go out and lift him up. As soon as OH was out of the gate I put him back down and he was happy to follow me inside.

I went up and got washed and dressed ready for a walk around the Rugby field. Rodders was very excited to be going out and it took a couple of attempts to make him sit and wait at the door. He also tried to pull on the lead to start with but we soon sorted that and by the time we got to the road he was happy to sit and wait before we crossed.

As we got to the field he sat and waited for me to swap leads and then he was off sniffing and running about. He stopped to poop and then waited while I cleaned up and we made our way up towards the bin to dispose of it. We finished our run around the field, swapped leads and headed home.

Once home I washed my hands and then made myself a sandwich to take to work, I only got crisps and chocolate yesterday and was so hungry by dinner time so I can't do that again. Rodders ate a bit more of his breakfast, but not all of it, and we had a snuggle on the sofa before I had to take off my jeans and jumper and throw on my dress and boots for work.

We had a quick snuggle on the sofa and checked how OH's journey was going before it was time to put Rodders in his crate, with some kibble, ad head to work. For the first time on my nice short commute I had to deal with queuing traffic! Still did the journey in 5 minutes though.

I popped home at lunchtime and once Rodders had calmed down a bit I gave him his lunch and then we went out in to the garden so I could poop scoop. Rodders came in with me while I went to the bin at the front door and then wanted to go back out. He came running in when the front door went. It was an asian gentleman trying to sell cavity wall insulation and Rodders didn't seem to like him and kept growling. I got rid of him fairly quickly and Rodders went back out for a piddle. Just as I put him back in the crate, with the dental kong full of kibble, the front door went again and it was Bob next door with a parcel for me. I took it off him as I went out the door.

After work the weather was horrid, howling gale and rain, and the traffic awful so it took me almost 15 minutes to get home. Rodders did go out for a piddle when I first got in but hasn't really gone out since. He has stuck his head  out three times and I threw him out the fourth time he asked but he just stood on the patio getting blown about for a few minutes and then asked to come back in. He is going to have to go out before bedtime whether he likes it or not.

I cooked and ate my dinner, cleared up and sorted out Rodders supper which he got when he barked for it. He must have been hungry as this is the first meal he has finished all day.

Sue, the dog walker, came round tonight to meet Rodders, pick up a key and drop off the final paperwork for me to complete. She seems very nice and was well prepared for a shy puppy as she came armed with sausage. She will collect Rodders twice a week and he will probably be out of the house for a couple of hours, 1 hour will be spent collecting and dropping off other dogs and he will get a 1 hour walk. She usually has 4-6 dogs with her each time. She knows that he isn't allowed off lead yet and will wait for me to let her know when it is OK. We can drop a day any time we like by texting her the night before and, in an emergency, she can usually fit him in for an extra walk if needed. She doesn't approve of choke chains though so I may need to buy him another collar. She is also happy to out him back in his crate with a kong if I leave it out. We also talked about holiday cover as she does home from home boarding and she has provisionally booked Rodders in for July when OH and I are going to Gibraltar for a friends wedding.

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