Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Monday hilights

I was chopping vegetables first thing and Rodders wanted the carrot top. He really just played with it this time and didn't eat it, it is probably too hard on his tender mouth.

When I left for work this morning I went out the back door as my car was parked out there. Rodders was not impressed and barked and barked. Note to self, leave by the front door and walk round.

Rodders got taken out by Sue the dog walker today and came home happy but very muddy! And of course he wanted to jump all over me to say hello. I managed to keep reasonably clean so that I didn't have to change before going back to work.

When I got home Rodders was barking as I walked from the car. Seems like there has been a lot of barking today, I hope it hasn't gone on all day.

I have continued to soak kibble for him but he has not been eating a great deal and I always worry when he isn't eating. I am sure he won't waste away as everyone tells me he has a good covering on him, but I still worry.

Rodders and I spent 15 minutes outside walking around Pentland practicing heel and sit, heel and down, heel and turn. He was very good but he still doesn't really understand that heel means my heel and not 3 foot away from me! He sat when asked but didn't want to lie down at all, mind you the temperature was below freezing so who could blame him. 15 minutes was enough and he was starting to get bored.

When OH got home Rodders was very pleased to see him and met him on the patio, jumping up and dancing on his back legs with excitement. As OH was fussing him and saying hello he was also having a sneaky check of his mouth. Rodders seems very tender on the back left, but OH could not work out which tooth it actually is giving him problems or he would have helped it out.

Rodders seems happy enough and is playful but eating out of his bowl seems to be an issue. OH is much better at understanding these sorts of things than I am and he thinks that the way dogs eat is to snatch food out of the bowl and throw it to the back of their mouths where they crunch down on in, and it is the crunching down on it that seems to hurt. He almost jumps like he has had an electric shock.

By 10pm both Rodders and I were asleep so it seemed sensible to go to bed. He went in to the garden without complaint and didn't need much encouragement to climb in to the crate.

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