Sunday, 8 January 2012

A good night and then a fright

Rodders was exhausted after his busy day. He played for a little while and ate some supper but he was happy to sleep on his bed pad for most of the evening, not even getting up when I went upstairs to the bathroom.

At bedtime Rodders went out in to the garden for a piddle by himself and then came back in and went and sat in the lounge looking at me. After 10 minutes of trying to get him to come to me I gave up and went to get him, he tried to escape but failed.

I put him down at the door to the crate and put his treats in there and, at last, he walked in. I had also given him a Kong filled with kibble as he really hasn't eaten much today and it may mean that I don't need to get up so early!

The kong seems to have worked and Rodders didn't wake me until 7.30am. Having gone to bed at midnight that seems quite good to me! He wanted a fuss but was fairly desperate to go out in to the garden for a piddle. Once he came back in he had some breakfast and then went back out for a poo and to play. Once he came back in he was happy to play with his toys for about 40 minutes before asking to come up. He slept on top of me for about an hour before wanting down.

He seemed to be playing at my feet with his duck and then he moved on to his bed pad. After a few minutes there seemed to be something wrong so I got down on the floor with him to have a look. His choke chain was stuck in his mouth. It looks as though he had been trying to chew his dog tag and once he got it in to his mouth the chain tightened and he couldn't get it out again. I quickly slipped it over his head to free him but it looks as though we need to take it off while we are in the house.

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