Sunday, 15 January 2012

Someone is watching over us on this special day!

We went to bed after midnight again and I woke at 8.45am to silence. I came downstairs to more silence to see Rodders sat up in his crate looking in my direction as I came around the corner in to the lounge. Once he spotted me he started to squeak and wanted out for a fuss before asking to go out in to the garden.

I made a cuppa while trying to make a plan for the day. I had expected to be up earlier so that we could go for a walk to look for the keys first thing but I also need a shower and we need to leave for my sisters by 10.30ish. OK, so we will have to forego searching for keys & I will have to do that tomorrow lunchtime.

Once Rodders came back in we had a bit of a snuggle before going upstairs so that I could have a shower, he has ignored the breakfast I put down for him.

After showering and washing my hair Rodders wanted out again and then was happy to sit on the bed while I dried my hair and got dressed.

Back downstairs I was busy sorting out a bag of food, treats and toys to take with me for Rodders when I got a text to let me know that Finnan had been let out of the vets! Fabulous news, but I am not sure she needs an annoying puppy running around her today. I rang my sister for a chat and she reluctantly agreed that I was right, time to put plan B in to operation!

I ran upstairs and changed in  to dog walking gear much to Rodders delight and we headed out the door, this time with the house keys firmly tucked away in an inside pocket. We hadn't got to the end of Pentland when I spotted my lost house keys on the pavement! I back tracked and posted the spares through Bob and Pat's letter box so that they have them for my next mishap and then Rodders and I carried on onwards the Nicky Line.

As we got to the bottom of the steps by the church Rodders sat, without being asked, for me to swap leads. We hadn't gone far when he sat again, I called him to me and he came running so I walked on. And then he sat again and again. I have no idea what was wrong but he didn't want to go that way, as soon as we turned around he was happily skipping along.

I thought we would carry on down the Nicky Line to the end of the Rugby field and then cross over in to the field itself, walk around there and then home. Wrong again! Rodders would not move beyond the steps up to the start of the rugby field. I gave in and followed him up there.

He was very happy to be on the field and was soon off sniffing and running about. We walked the full length of the field up to where some youngsters were playing football, I didn't even know there was a football pitch up there! It looks to be a 5  A Side sized pitch. Rodders seemed fascinated and was happy to sit and watch for a while. A lady came over to chat as they are looking to get a miniature schnauzer, Rodders did his usual trick of hiding behind my legs and wouldn't say hello to her. We eventually carried on our walk and then headed home.

I ran back upstairs to change again and came down to find Rodders had been eating his breakfast but had only got halfway. I was running out of time so I shoved his bowl in to his crate along with his treats and then picked him up for a cuddle and to explain that I was going out and he had to stay here. Bless him, he walked in to the crate without a murmur.

I was late getting to the pub for lunch and they were all waiting for me. It was a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate, what would have been, my Mum's 90th birthday. We had a lovely lunch, chatting and telling stories about her. I handed out the bunches of freesias to everyone as they were Mum's favourite flowers.

After lunch I nipped back to Kirsty's in Houghton so that I could see Finnan for myself, she was very pleased to see us but obviously not her usual self. Her tummy and side have both been shaved and she has further bald patches on her legs where the drips have gone in. She was quite happy to let me fuss her and she was able to jump up on to the sofa. While fussing her I found that she had some micropore tape stuck to her so I gently started to peal it away from the fur. She wasn't too happy about that but I persevered, even when she started growling at me. I had to move my hand a bit sharpish when she got really upset and then had another go. Just as she gave another nasty snarl I managed to whip it off and get my hand out the way. She has never actually bitten anyone but there is always a first time. I only stayed for a short time as A) I wanted to get home to Rodders and B) She has been through enough in the last few days and needs to be kept quiet.

The drive home seemed to go one forever, it always seems to be bad on a Sunday afternoon as people head back to London after a weekend away. For the last bit of the journey I was chatting to my bestest friend who lives in America, she always rings on significant dates. We hung up just as I pulled up outside. Parking is a nightmare around here today, no idea why, so I ended up parking out the back. As soon as I opened the car door I could hear Rodders barking, I hope he hasn't been doing that for long. I let myself in the back door and he was going frantic. I let him out the crate, gave him a quick fuss and then he was off in to the garden. This is the longest he has ever been left and he was desperate to get outside bless him.

Once back in he calmed down fairly quickly and came upstairs with me when I went to get changed. We have had a quiet evening with him playing, eating supper and sleeping.

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