Sunday, 1 January 2012

Our first New Years Eve together

I checked to see how Rodders poo is today (lovely topic I know!) and it is firming up so his tummy seems to be getting used to the kibble again. Rodders missed his supper again today as he slept through so I am going to increase him to 3 x 80g tomorrow and go for 50/50 id diet/kibble for a day or so and see how that goes.

When he was awake this evening he was happy playing. At one point he was lying on the floor and moving his bed pad with his paws, it was really funny.

During the evening there were fireworks going off intermittently and he was barking at them. I think we need to remember to use the Clix noise CD more this time next year as he was far better with them around bonfire night.

By the time we got to midnight the amount and volume of the fireworks had increased and he just stood and barked. It didn't matter if he was inside or outside, on the floor or up on the sofa with me, he just barked and barked. It was almost 1am before he settled down again.

Rodders and I had a very quiet New Year together and made sure that we were in contact with the important people in our life. This is just how I wanted it, I always get a bit emotional at this time of the year, thinking of all the people no longer physically here with us and shed a tear for them. It seems sad that we are passing another milestone without them with us.

Welcome to 2012 everyone! I hope it brings us all health, wealth and happiness in many ways.

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