Sunday, 29 January 2012

More new experiences for Rodders

When Rodders and I got home from Puppy School I had some lunch while he played in the garden and then I packed an overnight bag and some stuff for him as we are staying at my sister's tonight so that I can join her and some friends for dinner at the local pub. He still wouldn't eat anything though except for the kibble I dropped on the floor accidentally.

I left him inside while I packed the car and I could hear him barking the whole time. We drove up to Houghton and met my sister round at a friend of hers. She has two standard poodles who are now getting on in years and one of them isn't in the best of health. Poor Rodders was desperate to play but Daisy couldn't get off her bed and Lulu just barked at him and danced about a bit. Rodders was very good and once he realised that they wouldn't play he sat at my feet, only moving when the builder called in with some flooring samples.

We then went off for me to get my hair cut and their dog Becky had been out hunting all day and so she wouldn't play with Rodders either. She was lying in her bed and Rodders kept jumping in front of her and wasn't deterred by her growling at him. After about 15 minutes he realised that he wasn't getting anywhere so went off to explore the kitchen.

I then drove to my sisters and unloaded the bags and Rodders crate before going off to park my car. Apparently Rodders cried for a minute but was easily distracted. Finnan still isn't her usual self but she wanted up on my knee for a fuss. Rodders was very good about it and just played with his toys. When the dogs went in the garden I put Rodders on his extendable lead as it was dark and the garden isn't secure. Rodders was very good even when Finnan got grumpy with him.

When Kirsty and I went upstairs to get washed and dressed Rodders came up with us. It is a steep staircase with deep treads with a bend in it and once up there he didn't know how to get down so had to be carried.

When we were ready to go out we put Rodders in his crate in the lounge and Finnan in her bed in the dining room, giving both dogs their dinner. As we waled out the door and down the lane both dogs were quiet.

We got back about three hours later after a nice dinner with good company to find both dogs pleased to see us, Finnan had eaten her dinner but Rodders hadn't eaten anything. We sat up for a couple of hours watching TV and playing with Rodders before going to bed. Finnan sleep upstairs and I wasn't sure what Rodders would make of that but he went in to his crate without any problems.

At 5.30am I woke up to hear both dogs barking so I came down to let Rodders out of the crate with Finnan following me, he was desperate to get out in the garden for a piddle. By the time we came back in Kirsty had come down and made a cuppa for both of us. Both dogs went back out in to the garden and Rodders had a poo. We then managed to settle down on the sofa's with a dog each and dozed off for about an hour and a half by which time it was light and so I let Rodders off his lead when we went back in to the garden. He was having a great time exploring but wouldn't come back when called so I had to out my boots on and go and get him. Once I was beside him he was happy to follow me back.

Kirsty and I got washed and dressed and while she was upstairs with Finnan I got Rodders to eat almost a whole bowlful of kibble.  We then we headed out with the dogs to walk up to the cemetery. Once back  we had another and some toast. Rodders wanted out in to the garden again and was happy sniffing about as Kirsty showed me what they have done to it since I was last there. When we were ready to head back inside he wanted to stay out so I played chase with him for a little while.

As we went back inside Kirsty had got the first few set of drawings for her planned extension up on the computer for me to see. These are just to give her  a rough idea of what the possibilities are, nothing is set in stone yet and she has a long way to go as she needs listed building consent.

As we sat chatting Finnan jumped up on my knee and Rodders wasn't too happy about it but I managed to fuss both of them for a while before he went off to play.

About 11am I went and got the car so we could pack up and head home.

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