Saturday, 14 January 2012

Friday hilights

There had been a sharp frost overnight which made the patio a bit slippy and all the cars were covered in ice.

OH got up with Rodders when my alarm went so I was able to go back to sleep, I even switched off the second alarm so OH sent Rodders up to wake me. When that failed he sent him back up after Rodders had just had a drink so I was woken by a very wet, cold kiss from Rodders. I have to tell you it really is difficult  to ignore that!

While Rodders was upstairs with OH I shut them in the bedroom so that I could put the bin out in peace.

Rodders went out to the gate with OH when he left for work and started to come back up the garden when called but stopped halfway. OH let himself out of the gate and then Rodders went back to sniff around until he heard the car go.

By the time I got washed and dressed we were running out of time so Rodders only got a walk around the block. He was so busy barking at the bin men he completely ignored people walking past, so a success of sorts.

Giving him a cuddle before I put him by the crate door seems to work and he walks straight in.

At lunchtime I nipped home and swapped straight in to my dog walking coat and wellies much to Rodders delight and we headed to the rugby field. H had a great time running about and sniffing. He also got to say hello to a very gentle staffie. And then disaster struck, as we got back to the edge of the field I realised I had lost his normal lead. We had enough time to do another circuit to see if we could find it but we didn't.

It was then a bit of a rush to get him home, back in his crate and back to work on time.

When I finished work I had to go and collect a parcel from the sorting office, more grooming bits for Rodders. I don't think we need anything else now, I just need to be brave enough to actually do it. But not this week, he might be too cold on the Schnauzer walk on the 22nd if the weather keeps like this.

I have already blogged about him losing his teeth and the fact that he is now eating again, a huge relief!

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