Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A noisy night and a noisy day

Rodders has played and run about for most of the evening, his only rest was when he was stood on the grooming table so he should be a tired puppy.

When OH and I were ready for bed I started to collect up all the toys to put back in the toy box and told Rodders it was bedtime. Rodders went in to the garden for a piddle and OH said he would get him to go in to his crate as I have been struggling recently. Rodders came back in and sat on the doormat. OH sat on the floor by the crate and called him, Rodders ignored him and moved across the conservatory. After a minute or two OH went over to him and was talking quietly in to his ear, gradually they both moved towards the crate and Rodders climbed in. We both said goodnight to him as we gave him his treats and OH locked the crate.

Rodders was quiet while we were in the bathroom and as we got undressed for bed but he started to bark soon after that. OH came down to him the first time and managed to get him to be quiet. It didn't last long and he started again. OH thought maybe he needed to go in to the garden so I came down and let him out of his crate and in to the garden, all he wanted to do was stand beside me and bark. I wondered if he was hungry as he hadn't eaten that much today so I out him back in his crate with another Kong full of kibble. It didn't work and he was soon barking again so OH came down yet again. He lay on the floor beside the crate and gradually Rodders settled down and curled up to go to sleep so OH left him and came back to bed. An hour after we first went upstairs we could both settle down and go to sleep.

OH was up early and came downstairs, Rodders was fast asleep and didn't make a sound until he was beside the crate. Rodders almost slithered out but was soon running when OH went to sit in the papasan chair as he loves to snuggle up with him on it. Very soon they headed upstairs so that OH could have a shower and Rodders could come and wake me. He comes and stands on his back legs at my side of the bed and squeaks until I out an arm out to give him a fuss, he then starts to lick every bit of me he can reach. It is hard to resist and it always manages to get me up.

I came downstairs to find my cuppa, OH always makes me one if he is up first. Rodders was running up and down between us. Once OH was dressed he came down to say goodbye and head out the door. Rodders went with him to the gate and when I called him to come back he thought about it for a minute and then came running. I was really pleased about that as he has not been coming when called much recently so I gave him a big fuss.

We then headed upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed. When it was time to go back downstairs Rodders wouldn't come out of the bedroom when I called him so I pulled the door to for a minute. When I opened it he was right behind the door and happy to come out.

I was making myself a tuna sandwich for lunch and I put the empty tuna tin on the floor for Rodders. He wouldn't go near it, he just sat and barked at it! He hasn't shown much interest in his breakfast either :-( I am still weighing out his food and he only ate 160g of yesterdays 180g allowance, not the end of the world but I need to keep an eye on it.

At 7.30am we headed up the rugby field. Rodders sat and waited at the door and walked nicely to the field, sitting and waiting before we crossed the road. When we got to the field he sat and waited while I swapped to the extendable lead and then he was off running and sniffing and then running some more. He was having a lovely time. Half way around the field we met a man and a Westie that was off the lead. He and Rodders said hello and had a lovely time playing for a few minutes. As we tried to part and go our separate ways the Westie had other ideas and kept following us. His owner had to come and get him and put him on his lead, apparently this is really unusual!

As we got off the field Rodders sat without being asked while I swapped leads but he did try to run as we started to walk towards home and so had to be checked. As we got near home we could see workmen arriving next door at Bob and Pat's. Scaffolding had gone up yesterday and it looks as though soffits and gutters are going up today. I hope Rodders won't bark all morning at them.

I nipped upstairs to swap out of my jeans and then came down to finish getting ready for work. As it has taken so long to get Rodders in to his crate for the last few days I started early but he fooled me and went in quite easily, probably helped by a Kong full of kibble and a couple of treats.

When I came home at lunchtime the workmen next door had finished and Rodders didn't seem to be too upset by any disruption or strange noises. He was pleased to see me and after a quick fuss he went out in to the garden. He didn't want to play fetch with the ball launcher and was quite happy out there on his own enjoying the sunshine. He did try to take his duck out there but I went and brought it back in, soft toys should not be in the garden! He did eventually come back inside.

When it was time for me to go back to work I picked him up and gave him a cuddle, told him I had to go back to work and then put him down at the crate door. He walked straight in! I gave him another kong full of kibble as he hasn't eaten any lunch.

As I came home from work and walked to the front door Rodders gave one bark. I unlocked the door and came in and I could see him in his crate but he didn't bark again until I spoke. He was very excited to be let out of the crate and wanted to come up for a fuss.

From then on the evening seemed to go downhill for a while. Rodders didn't want to play with me and he barked a lot of the time, he constantly wanted in or out of the garden. The only time he seemed to be happy was when I said I was going upstairs, he was so excited to be heading upstairs and ran to the lounge door and rushed up the stair. Once up there he was happy to play with the toilet roll inner or find the slippers in the bedroom. Back downstairs he was back to barking or trying to bite my trousers and wanting in and out of the garden. By 7.30pm I was running out of ideas. I thought maybe he was hungry so I gave him his supper early but he hardly touched it.

Eventually he came and settled on his bed pad for an hour. I checked to see how much he has eaten today, 80g, not good. I wonder if I need to put him back on to wet food?

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