Monday, 9 January 2012

An exciting Monday

Rodders didn't seem to want his kibble this evening but he did have a late lunch and he has eaten almost a whole Dentastix.

Rodders spent most of the evening asleep, when he wasn't barking, and I couldn't get him to eat any more during the evening.

I had to wake him up to go out for a piddle at bedtime. He went out by himself and while he was out there I filled his Kong with kibble. Once he was back inside he just sat on the doormat and it took me ages to get him to come to me and walk in to the crate by himself. I am not sure what this is about but it is becoming a habit.

I didn't hear anything from him until I wandered in to the bathroom at 6.30am when he started barking. I came down stairs and he wanted a quick fuss before going out in to the garden for a piddle. As I was making a cuppa he came back in and then went out again.

I got his breakfast ready but he wasn't interested in it, he just wanted to snuggle on the sofa with me until it was time for a shower. I filled his Kong and took it with us and he was happy to munch through that as I showered and washed my hair. As soon as I opened the shower door he came in to drink from the shower tray and then licked my feet, this really tickles by the way.

By the time I had dried my hair, with Rodders sat beside me on the bed trying to catch the hot air, and had got dressed we were running a bit late. OH rang to say hello and disappeared very quickly when he heard how behind I was!

It was then downstairs to make some rolls for lunch before taking Rodders for a quick walk around the block. I sorted out another kong filled with kibble so that Sue, the dog walker, could give him that when she brings him back later and then it was time for me to leave for work.

Rodders wasn't happy to go in to his crate and it took me a while to encourage him in but he did eventually go in there by himself.

I hadn't planned on coming hime at lunchtime as I needed a bit of shopping but I was done in 10 minutes flat so I decided to drop it off at home. Rodders was very pleased to see me and had obviously had a lovely muddy walk by the state of him. He had already eaten the kong full of kibble so I filled another one ready for when I go back to work.

We then went out in to the garden to play with his ball launcher and he was much better at bringing the ball back and dropping it somewhere near me. Ten minutes before I needed to head back to work I started to try and get him in the crate, good job I did as that is how long to took. It is so silly as he doesn't make a sound once he is in his crate so it isn't distressing him.

When I got home from work he was very happy to see me and didn't want to go out in the garden for ages. We had a fuss and a snuggle on the sofa (while I was picking bits of tree out of him!) followed by a bit of a play before he wanted to go out, this boy has a very strong bladder! He was trying to chew my boots while I was sat on the sofa with my legs crossed and gave a very strange half bark, half squeak when he was told no.

Once OH rang to say he was on his way Rodders came in to the kitchen with me while I started dinner and was playing at my feet. I started jumping about to amuse him and he was dancing in front of me, barking for me to do it again.

He heard OH's car arrive out the back and was sat at the door barking to go out. OH was taking ages and Rodders was getting more frustrated so I popped on his extendable lead so that he could go out and greet him. He was so excited and ran straight towards the gate. The only problem with doing this is he gets so excited that he runs around in circles and ended up tying himself in knots. Luckily it untangles very quickly once you can reduce the tension on the lead and take it off.

Rodders hardly leaves OH's side for the first hour he is home, chasing him everywhere. The only exception to this is when he runs off with OH's slipper. OH and I both got changed and then he came downstairs to play with Rodders while I finished off dinner.

Once Rodders realised I was chopping vegetables he came in to the kitchen to see what was on offer and was very happy to be given a broccoli stalk, these keep him quiet for ages and it meant I only had to get up from dinner twice to let him in and out of the garden.

Once we had eaten Rodders got his supper and ate quite a lot before wandering off to play. He seems to amble between OH and I quit happily looking to see who will play with him next. I threw his ball up the lounge for a while playing fetch until he got bored. A bit later I found him playing with his Kong so I filled it up with what was left from his dinner and he has eaten most of that too. He has also found the last bit of the Dentastix from yesterday and has been munching on that.

After dinner OH had a yoghurt for his pudding and Rodders got to lick the bowl out. This meant that he ended up with a sticky beard. OH decided he would clean it and comb it which then led on to Rodders being put on the grooming table and being done all over. It was funny to be sat here listening to OH talking gently to him as he did it. Rodders looked gorgeous by the time he had finished, all soft and fluffy.

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