Saturday, 7 January 2012

A trip to Brackley

After puppy school Rodders and I headed up the M1 to junction 15A and then on towards Brackley which is off the A43. We were going to meet a couple of ladies (Mooloo and Molly) from a forum I am on to handover the TV to one of them. Mooloo is a lovely lady with 4 grown up children of her own, including twins with special needs, and 4 grand children. Her eldest grandchild (known as DGD on the forum) lives with her and she was in desperate need of a video for her as theirs had broken.  Luckily my old TV from the bedroom had an integral video so is just right for her and will, hopefully, give her Granny some peace to get on with other things.

We got stuck on the M1 for ages because of a broken down lorry - they had reduced the carriageway from three lanes to one - so we were late getting there. I had her phone number so I was able to ring ahead and warn them.

When we got there Mooloo was stood at the door with her DGD watching for us. It is normally a busy road but luckily I managed to get parked right outside. I came in and said hello and then popped Rodders out in to the garden for a piddle while the Mooloo and Molly sorted out tea and biscuits. DGD was a very bright little 4 year old but was a little shy of me to start with and was clinging to her Granny and Molly who she sees on a regular basis. She is a very polite little girl and only needed reminding once to say please and always said thank you. She also checked if she was allowed a second biscuit.

I soon got DGD down on the floor with me to play with Rodders and a ball and she got the hang of making him sit and wait before throwing the ball for him. She didn't like it when he tried to chase her toes or when he was pouncing towards her to play as she was moving around. She is used to dogs but this was her first encounter with a puppy and she did really well. I had left his lead on so that I could grab him quickly if I needed to and I did need to make him come and sit with me to calm down a couple of times.

I popped out and brought in the TV and DGD held Rodders lead although he couldn't have escaped anyway as all the doors were shut.

After a little while DGD was happy to come and sit in my knee while I was chatting to Molly and Mooloo. Rodders did manage a sneaky lick of a biscuit that DGD had left on the coffee table :-( Once she was more sure of me DGD wanted to ask me about the TV and how it worked, she wanted to know where the on/off button was and how to turn the sound up and down as well as asking where the video went in so she is obviously quite capable.

By the time we left DGD seemed to be my best friend and was happy to give me a hug and a kiss goodbye as I went out the door and she and Mooloo both asked me to come and see them again.

I decided to head home a different way so that I didn't have to deal with the motorway so I headed up the A43 towards Oxford before turning off towards Bicester and Aylesbury. Almost home I diverted off in to the little Tesco for emergency supplies and left Rodders in the car for 5 minutes. He was very good and only barked when I got back in the car.

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