Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lunch and early evening

When I came home at lunch time Rodders was asleep and didn't make a sound until I was almost at his crate. He started squeaking as soon as he knew I was there and I let him out for a quick fuss before letting him out in to the garden. He stood on the patio looking back at me as if to say I'm not sure if you are going to abandon me so I went out with him. He had a quick piddle and was then happy to follow me back in.

I asked if he was a hungry boy and he barked before running towards the kitchen. He sat watching me as I weighed out his lunch and put it in the bowls and he sat until I had put it down for him. While he was eating I made a cuppa and filled his water bowls. He didn't eat all his kibble this time.

Once he had eaten he was happy to play so I got his ball thrower and we went back in to the garden. He loves chasing the ball but doesn't really get the hang of bringing it back. Although the weather was now dry and bright it was freezing so I left him out there happily playing with the ball for a little while.

Once he had got bored with playing with the ball I nipped out and got it and he came back in with me. All too soon is was time for me to go back to work. As his tummy seems to be OK I gave him some of his left over kibble as a treat as I popped him back in his crate.

As part of my job I have to go to the local bank which is about a 5 minute walk away. I looked at my watch at 3pm and thought shall I go now? I should have done as less than 20 minutes later it had gone pitch black outside and it was throwing out down with rain. Luckily it was only a short, sharp shower and by 4pm it had brightened up again so I dashed out then. The temperature had dropped and it was a bit breezy but I got some fresh air and it helps to break up the afternoon.

I left work at 5pm and was home by five past. Rodders seemed to be asleep again! I do hope he has been OK and hasn't barked the house down. He was happy to come out the crate and have a fuss and also went in to the garden on his own for a piddle.

He has been so funny this evening. He has been in and out of the garden playing with the stones and running between the grass, leaping over the edge of the patio, dashing under the table, around a leg and back again. He has also managed to get the duck to quack and had a great time growling at it and he has been playing with his ball and frizzbee.

I also found time to pop him on the grooming table and come him through. He escaped from the noose that is supposed to help keep him still but it wasn't a problem as he still stood there (most of the time) and let me carry on. He even let me sort out his gunky eyes without complaint. When he did try to sit down I put my arm under his back legs and held him up. The only bit he doesn't seem keen on is when I try to get him to stand on his back legs so that I can do his tummy.

OH is on his way and dinner is already underway, good job as I am starving!

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