Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A quiet evening before going back to work

After a long walk and playing with Emily Rodders was exhausted and very happy to snooze on the bed pad.

He did come in to the kitchen with me for a little while when I cooked dinner but didn't hang about for long, the bed pad looked far more inviting than the cold kitchen floor!

Once I had eaten Rodders decided it was time for his supper and he could hardly wait as I weighed it out and filled his bowls. He was very good and sat and waited for me to put them down on the floor before tucking in.

He didn't even want to go out in the garden after supper and had to be woken up at bed time and taken out for a piddle. Once back inside he sat at the back door watching me as I locked up and switched out the lights. When I asked him to get in his bed he walked past me to try to get to his bed pad. I grabbed him and gave him a fuss before putting him in his crate for the night. He didn't make a sound as I went upstairs to bed.

Rodders didn't make any noise at all until I was in the bathroom this morning. As I came down stairs the barks turned to squeaks and he was happy to come out of his crate for a fuss before asking to go in the garden for a piddle. It really is evil put with a howling gale and driving rain so it looks as though we won't be going for a walk this morning.

When he came back in he wanted his breakfast and was dancing around the kitchen as I weighed it out and filled his bowls. He did sit and wait as I put them down and then ate it slowly.

He came up on the sofa for a little while before following me upstairs while I had a shower. He ran straight in to the bedroom to steal a sock and once that had been taken off him he played quite happily on the landing. When we came back downstairs he went out in to the garden to poop and was then playing with his toys until it was time to dry my hair and get dressed.

He sits really nicely on the bed while I dry my hair and potter about getting my clothes ready, even if he does sneakily steal my socks and then sit there as though butter wouldn't melt!

OH called as we came back downstairs and while we were talking Rodders wanted out in to the garden to play with the stones on the patio. Luckily as it was time to go to work OH got cut off and Rodders asked to come in!

Rodders knows the second I lock the patio door that someone is going out and he can tell if it includes him by the coat I put on. When he saw that it was not the dog walking coat he huffed a bit and then wandered off and wouldn't come near me. I got his new dental kong and got him interested in that so that I could catch hold of him and pop him in his crate with it. He is a good boy and once he is on there he just curls up and doesn't make a sound.

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