Thursday, 26 January 2012

Flippin internet and eating

My internet is still very flaky, not sure why but apologies for not managing to update.

Rodders still isn't eating brilliantly and we are due at the vet nurse climic for a weight check on Monday so we will see if he is managing to maintain his weight on the little he is eating.

I have tried just about everything including hand feeding him and so has OH! It would appear that he isn't too interested in plain kibble but add in some cooked carrot and swede and he shows more interest, stick it in a Kong and he is a little interested. Add in some chicken and he will eat that too. Some days he wolfs down his kibble other days he just picks at it.

It really isn't anything to do with his teeth anymore as he will eat his puppy treats which are hard, he will sometimes eat straight kibble, sometimes he will eat soaked kibble.

Maybe it is time to change his food to something else? Or am I pandering to his whims? I wish I knew.

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