Monday, 2 January 2012

Oh dear, not a good morning

At bedtime I had to wake Rodders up and carry him outside for a piddle. He wasn't happy to be out there and he stood for ages before having a stretch and then trying to go back in the house. I lifted him back on to the grass and he just sat down. We must have been out of there for about 15 minutes before he wandered off and had a piddle.

Back inside he didn't want to go in to his crate and was trying to climb on to my knee. I gave up asking him to get in to the crate and lifted his front feet in, the rest of him followed and he curled up and settled down for the night. As I climbed the stairs to bed there was silence for the first time in three nights.

Just after 5am I could hear Rodders squeaking and making a noise, I rolled over and hoped that he would settle, he certainly quietened down after about 10 minutes. This was a huge mistake on my part and I know that I mustn't do it again. At 5.30am he started up again and was barking quite loudly so I gave up and came downstairs. As soon as I walked in to the lounge I knew we had a problem by the smell. Rodders had pooped in his bed, luckily his tummy seems better and it was easy to clear up.

I gave him a quick fuss before he went out in to the garden leaving me to clear up and put his mattress topper in the wash. He came back in and was squeaking for his breakfast so I sorted that out. I wasn't awake enough to make him sit and wait while I put his bowls down. I then washed my hands before making myself a cuppa.

Rodders seemed to eat his breakfast at record speed and then went off to play in the conservatory. He gave one squeak and I got up to let him in the garden to find that he was just throwing up on the door mat. I put him straight in the garden and started to clear up again. It is obvious that this is just his breakfast as it is almost one solid lump and you can see undigested kibble in it (sorry of that is too much information for some!) but at least it is easy to clear up. And we now have the second load of washing ready for the washing machine already.

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