Sunday, 1 January 2012

Quite a busy day

After I showered and dressed OH called in to see us for an hour. As he arrived I was putting on some washing and Rodders was playing in the conservatory. He didn't hear the back door until almost the last moment but was thrilled to see who it was and wanted straight up for a snuggle. We all ended up having a group hug as I think it was the only way I was going to get to say hello too!

OH and I had a cuppa and a bit of breakfast and then he had a play with Rodders while I brought the bin back in. OH and I then popped upstairs to fit my new cool pad to my bed in the hope that it helps me to sleep better. Finally we all had a snuggle on the sofa before it was time for OH to go. As OH and I had a hug goodbye Rodders was making some strange noises, I think he is getting a bit jealous.

As normal Rodders trotted out to the gate with OH but when I called him back he got halfway and stopped for a piddle. OH managed to get out the gate safely which is the main thing. Rodders stayed out there for a little while sniffing about and squeaking a bit. I don't think he had heard OH's car go as he parked somewhere different today.

I emptied & reloaded the washing machine and Rodders chased his toys about.

Once my hair was dry I put on my dog walking gear and got one of my new hat and glove sets ready so that we could head to Gadebridge Park. Rodders was very excited to be going out and was jumping up. I managed to get him to sit and wait at the door and walked him to the car.

Once parked I got him out the car and put his lead back on. As we were walking to the edge of the park two ladies with three dogs were coming off. Their dogs started barking and so Rodders joined in, they seemed to be giving us a wide berth so I didn't let Rodders say hello to them.

As we got to the park I made him sit and swapped to the extendable lead so that he could have more freedom. He was very happy running about and he got to meet many dogs that were off the lead. Rodders wanted to run off and play with some of them and wasn't happy to be on his lead. Luckily some of them were happy to play with him and he got to run about with a Golden Retriever and a Chocolate Lab amongst others.

Rodders was very good at coming when called and he was happy to just sit and watch what was going on about him several times. We walked our way around the whole park and the only time he was a little nervous was when some children came past us on bikes and scooters. He wasn't bothered by a young lad in a wheelchair, even when he asked if he was Toto from the wizard of Oz. Rodders had a good look at the River Gade and looked as though he might try to go in there at one point but he saw another dog which distracted him. As we got back to where we started he sat while I swapped leads again so that we could walk to the car.

As we were about to get in the car he spotted a Staffie pup and wanted to play. It looked like a smaller version of Molly from Puppy Party and was called Fletcher. They started off sniffing each other but it was obvious that Fletcher wanted to play. When Fletcher got a bit rough Rodders put him in his place by barking at him, when Fletcher tried again Rodders let him play for a little while and then growled at him. The couple with him were not very happy about it but I explained that they were just playing and working out where the boundaries are and both dogs had their tales up. After a little while we parted company and I put Rodders back in his car crate.

Once we were back home I gave Rodders his lunch and after a bit of a play and a trip to the garden he was happy to have a snooze.

He woke up with the devil in him and, as well as playing with his toys, he was up to all sorts of mischief. The door stop kept being dragged across the floor and then he started to take the washing off the radiator. He was found chewing the door mat at the back door when I thought he was playing quietly with his bone.

He was in and out of the garden and it was nice to hear him playing with the stones on the patio again. I don't think he has done this properly for almost two weeks.

He is barking a lot today and it is sometimes difficult to work out why. I really hope my neighbours can't hear him or don't mind too much.

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