Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Happy Wednesday

At one point last night we were all asleep in the lounge but I didn't want to go to bed until the washing machine had finished. The flipping thing has a count down timer on it and at 10.30 it said 5 minutes to go and it still didn't finish until 11pm!

Rodders went out in to the garden for a piddle and then came back in and went in to his crate fairly easily.

OH got up with him quite early and I was woken by a wet tongue just after 6am. I came down and saw OH off, Rodders went to the gate with him but came back when I called him. I then put on a load of washing before sorting out my lunch and then giving Rodders a breakfast of ID diet. Again he ate it from the plate as long as I held it up for him. It was then time to get washed and dressed to take Rodders up to the rugby field.

He didn't seem to want to walk around the edge of the field so we zig zagged across it and then back down to where we started. We got home and I let go of his lead while I unlocked the door after making him sit and wait, luckily he did as he was told!

I had just enough time to unload the washing machine and hang it on the radiators and get changed in to work trousers before giving Rodders a cuddle and asking him to go in his crate.

When I came home at lunchtime he was happy to play outside after I had given him a cuddle and so I made a cuppa and sorted his lunch out. When he came back in he was happy to eat more id diet as long as I held the plate. He walked straight in to his crate when I asked him to.

I drove home after work to check that Skevi was here before nipping to the little Tesco for milk and ham for my sandwiches for the rest of the week. By the time I got back there was nowhere to park and so I ended up out the back. As soon as I opened the car door I could hear Rodders in the garden barking, he knew it was me and he was going mad. As soon as I opened the gate he shot out, circled me, and then followed me back in. I heaved a sigh of relief!

Apparently he barked when Skevi got here, even before she had opened the door, and was very pleased to get out of his crate. As she cleaned he was happy following her about but did bark to go out in to the garden for a piddle. He also came back in when she called him. Just before she left she asked him to sit and then gave him a fuss. He did try to follow her out of the door but stopped when I told him he had to stay here.

He was happy that I was home and was being quite playful, toys he hasn't played with in ages were being taken out of his toy box and he seems to like the things that he can bite at the moment. You can see him opening and closing his jaw, not yawning, trying to make it comfortable.

I gave him a small amount of soaked kibble for his tea and he was happy to eat it as long as I held the dish again.  After he had eaten he was quite happy to curl up on the bed pad for a snooze at my feet.

He was woken by Kev calling in for a cuppa. He was happy for me to go to the door and let him in but then came to the end of the sofa to bark at him! Once Kev picked up his duck and threw it for him he was OK though.

Just before 9pm I gave him another small amount of soaked kibble but he didn't seem to want it. I put it down on the floor and about 5 minutes later he started eating it, or so I thought. What he was actually doing was licking the liquid out of it. Once that had gone he stood back and barked at it until I lifted the dish for him to eat it, he then cleared the lot up. He did bark at the dish once it was empty but I don't want to feed him too much this late at night.

He then went off to play and found a small cardboard box. Once I checked it was empty I let him play with it and he has had some fun chewing it, one corner has gone so far. The duck, teddy and a kitchen roll inner have also had some attention before he asked to go out in the garden.

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