Monday, 30 January 2012

A visit to the vet

Rodders needs some more Flea and Worm treatment so I booked him in for a Veterinary Nurse check for after work today.

Rodders was very happy to walk in to the vets as most of his experiences here have been good and he usually gets fussed by the girls.

When we got in there today there was a Rottie cross and a Staffie already waiting and they were barking across the waiting room at each other. Rodders just had to join in and so the volume increased. We were all working hard to get our dogs to sit quietly but no sooner had we managed it and one would start barking and set the other two off again. A cat came in hiding in its cat box and Rodders ignored it and a small puppy in a crate came out of a consulting room and was put down on the floor. Rodders had a sniff of her but didn't bark.

While we were waiting Sam from Puppy School popped through reception and spotted Rodders and stopped to check that he was OK.

We got called in to see Nicci and she gave Rodders a big fuss and a liver treat as she was checking him over and we were chatting about how he has been. She popped him on the scales and the little porker is 6.3kg so it would seem that my concerns about him not eating enough are unfounded. Nicci has reminded me that Rodders is a terrier and they usually just eat what they want and walk away so I need to put his food down and lift it once he has had what he wants and I am not to worry if he doesn't eat one day.

We talked about neutering and I explained that I want to wait until he is a year old and fully mature. She was happy with that. I also mentioned that I want to have him micro chipped sooner rather than later as I am concerned now that he is going off lead a bit. She said that wasn't a problem and she is happy to do it in a nurse appointment. A few more liver treats and we went back to reception to wait for his prescription and bill to be done.

There was now a Springer Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles in there and these too were making all sorts of strange noises so Rodders started to bark again. I got him to sit and be quiet (mostly) and he ignored yet another cat.

Just as our bill was ready Nicci popped out to say her next appointment hadn't turned up so if we wanted Rodders microchipped today we could come back in. It wasn't a difficult decision and we were back in the clinic straight away. Rodders couldn't believe his luck as Nicci put a whole line of liver treats on the table. He didn't notice as she swabbed an area between his shoulders and only flinched slightly, knocking a liver treat on the floor, as she inserted the micro chip. It was all over and he got another big fuss before we went back out to pay.

I had remembered my money off vouchers from puppy party and so the bill was £10 less than it could have been. We picked up the flew and worm treatment, paid up and headed home.

Rodders doesn't seem bothered by his experience and is now fast asleep at my feet.

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