Monday, 31 October 2011

An afternoon in the garden

When we got home Rodders walked from the car to the house on his lead. It took a while as there were lots of things to sniff on route!

We went straight in to the garden to see how OH had got on without us. Amazing progress, the 2 new sleepers were almost in place which means that he had removed turf, dug out the hole, measured and cut to size. Rodders was a bit confused about how he was supposed to get from the patio to the grass for now so I lifted him over.

I went and made a cuppa and start lunch and left the boys to it.

It was another bright day and really not cold so we ate at the patio table, this seemed to confuse Rodders even further! He did come and sit with us eventually.

After lunch OH was able to level up the sleepers, drill holes through and then drive steel rods through them and in to the ground. We then both back filled the gaps either side with soil and OH replaced the turf on the grass side and put down sand and cement mix topped with some cobbles and pebbles..

OH loaded the car up with the rubble and waste soil and we put Rodders in his crate so that we could go to the tip and the builders merchants. We came back to find Rodders asleep in his bed and no mess :-) We now had a further 7 bags of cobbles and pebbles to spread out which seems to have done the trick and has finished everything off nicely.

Rodders has spent most of the day following OH about as he worked, except for the short time he was out with me or in his crate, so he will be shattered this evening.

OH cleared everything away and packed his tools back in to his car as Rodders and I came in to finish off dinner. OH then got the garden hose out and watered in the sand and cement mix and cleaned everything off.

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