Saturday, 29 October 2011

Putting out the washing

While Rodders was happy playing I went in and sorted out his lunch. He came running in and sat nicely as I put it down, he then started tucking in.

I gently closed the baby gate and started to unload the washing machine. He was quite happy eating until he realised that the gate was closed. Although he could hear and see me he started barking and whining. I carried on doing what I was doing and when he was quiet I dropped kibble on the floor for him. He liked that, so barked some more! When ever he went quiet I dropped more. He went back to his bowl when he had run out of what I dropped.

Once he had finished eating and the washing machine was empty I went to put the washing on the line. He wasn't sure about that and kept his distance on the patio. I gave him a peg to sniff at and he took it on to the grass for a bit of a chew. I took it back later and swapped it for one of his toys.

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