Saturday, 29 October 2011

No nap?

I don't think Rodders has had a proper nap this afternoon although he has sat on the patio in the sun, no wonder he has fallen asleep already this evening. He did need to come up on my knee to settle him down but he is now on the floor on snuggle fleece.

He has played outside mostly, chasing leaves and generally having a good time.

He has now turned in to an escape artist and when we go upstairs to the bathroom he runs the second I out him on the floor, straight in to our bedroom.

He isn't sure about doing laundry at all and seems to think bringing it on or taking it out of the washing machine is purely for his entertainment and doesn't understand why he can't join in. I have a load that needs to go on the radiators but that can wait until I go upstairs again - I daren't put them on the downstairs ones!

He has done his sit and wait exercises for his liver treats and we have played tug and fetch (with limited success) in the conservatory. He doesn't like it when I pile his toys up and soon has them spread all over the floor again.

He likes to drag his snuggle fleeces around the floor and hates me putting one in his crate, it comes straight out again.

He has had a few sharp NO's when he has a been chewing things he shouldn't and he has now found the curtains :-(

But overall, we have had a good day :-)

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