Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting tired

Once Rodders gets tired there is very little you can do with him, he just will not do as he is told and will not give in and go to sleep. I try everything, letting him up on my knee, standing at the window, sit exercises, nothing works until I can get him to stop.

Tonight when he was on my knee and getting bitey I put myself in the kitchen behind the baby gate and he just barked and barked and barked even though he was not getting any reaction from me at all. Eventually he walked away..... and went and piddled in the lounge by the door. As soon as I came out of the kitchen and spotted it he got out in the kitchen while I cleared up. He wasn't happy about that at all and barked and whined even though I was talking to him and, at times, he could see me sitting at the dining table or letting myself in to the kitchen to use the bin. Once I had cleared up I sat at the dining table and when he was quiet I gave him a puppy treat, it took ages.

After that we tried standing at the window and when he seemed quieter, and his heart rate had slowed, we tried to sit on the sofa but he went back in to bitty mode.

I gave up! I just put him on the floor and walked off in to the kitchen to decide what to have for dinner. He wandered through, had a look at what I was doing and settled on the floor. Once dinner was ready and I moved to the table he followed me. When dinner was finished I prepared his supper but he didn't eat much of it.

When I came through and sat down on the sofa he wanted up and soon settled down and then got transferred to the floor where he is snoozing happily.

Lesson for the day, ignore him and go and do something else!

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