Thursday, 27 October 2011

Strange dog!

Rodders is definitely strange! While I was making dinner I cut some of the stalk of a bit of broccoli and I offered him a little bit. He played with it for a little while and then wolfed it down and came back for more. I gave him the bigger bit and he spent about 10 minutes eating it in the kitchen.

While I ate my dinner he played in the conservatory quite happily. Once I cleared up we went out to the car to bring in his bed as this dozy mare forgot it when I brought him in earlier. As we walked towards the car he gave a slight whimper :-(

Once back in I put his bed in the crate and out his snuggle fleece back in there too. He wasn't happy about that and soon got hold of it and dragged it out to the left, round and then right towards the conservatory. Determined little horror.

He has the devil in him this evening, I think he is missing his play mate! He asked to come up with me but after letting him wriggle and mouth me for 10 minutes he has been put down. He has wriggled on the floor beating hell out of snuggle fleece, he has been for a drink out the bowl in the crate and had a chew at the crate, he has tried to get up on the other sofa, tugged at the fleece covering his crate and is now beating up the monkey.

Oh yes, and we have both been out in the rain as he asked to go out and wouldn't go on his own. All he wanted to do out there was play!

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  1. I love the blog! What an amazing record you'll have of his puppyhood. It goes so fast and it's so easy to forget stuff.
    Do you have any photos on here yet?