Thursday, 27 October 2011

An adventure to the bedroom

Once OH was out of the shower I went up to use the bathroom and took Rodders with me. He was happy to play while I did what had to be done.

I then opened the bathroom door and he shot across the landing to our bedroom. Who was this strange half dressed person with no glasses and his hair all over the place? This deserves a bark or two (with tail and ears up, I'm not frightened of you!), I really hope the neighbours are either already up or deaf!

We helped OH down the stairs with all his stuff and after a quick goodbye he was off to work. Rodders stood at the door with me as he went and then ventured to the patio. I shouted dog loose so that OH would know to shut the gate quick but Rodders just sat on the patio listening until after his car had gone. A sniff about, a drink of water from the puddles and he came back in, and got his feet wiped again. I can see this being a theme of the day!

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