Saturday, 29 October 2011

Off to market

Rodders and I went down the town, to the market, in the car. He was very good in his car crate and didn't make a sound, must be getting used to it or is it the puppy treats! I left him in the car while I pad for the Car Park Ticket and he was still quiet.

Before I got him out the crate I clipped his lead on and then we were off walking (well, he was in my arms), past the Canada Geese and over the little bridge. He seemed quite happy. We got stopped by a lady with 2 daughters and a grandchild in a pushchair and he got fussed by them all which he quite liked. We then went through the old Market where there is a fair, he wasn't sure about the noise as it was a bit loud. We then turn right to go along the shops and in to the market, lots of buses, taxi's and people about and he wasn't phased at all. We got stopped several times by people that wanted to talk to him and give him a fuss and we checked out all the stalls. I managed to buys stocking filler and got Rodders some dog chews (for the bargain price of 20p for 5) to see how he does with them. Getting conflicting advice though, the puppy school man says leave him with chews, the lady on the market says don't leave him with them as he could choke.

We made our way back to the car and he was a little interested in the pigeons and ducks but didn't make a sound. He was happy to go in his car crate and even happier to get a puppy treat. I unclipped his lead before he got in the car and put it back on as soon as we got home. I carried him in from the car and then let him walk to the garden. He was OK to start with but wanted to chew it by the time we got out there.

He ran around and had a piddle and I left him out there.

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