Friday, 28 October 2011

Shower time

I filled the Kong with Dairylea and some treats while Rodders was playing in the garden and then called him in. As soon as he saw the Kong he was happy to come upstairs with me.

Once in the bathroom I made him sit for his Kong and when he was happy licking and chewing I turned the shower on. As soon as the door clanged he was by my side, I talked to him for a minute and then got him interested in the Kong again before I got in the shower. He then started barking, scratching at the door and trying to lick the water underneath the door. It was quite funny to see this little pink tongue coming through! I washed me, my hair and then conditioned as quickly as I could and he did calm down as I talked to him.

When I came out he was just about to try the Andrex Puppy trick but I stopped him and re-engaged him with the Kong, after he had licked my legs of course!

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