Friday, 28 October 2011

OH drops in

OH dropped in on his way home this evening. Rodders was fast asleep and raised his head as he came in the back door and lay there for a minute or two thinking about it. Then he got up and came towards him with his tail wagging, he knew who it was and was very pleased to see him. He wanted up for a snuggle and to give OH a quick wash!

We all then ended up in the garden so that Rodders could have a piddle and then back in the warm for a cuppa and some Choccies :-)

Rodders wanted up with OH straight away and sat nicely being fussed, no biting or chewing him -  well maybe a sneaky one but he got a short sharp no and stopped straight away.

Just before OH left he nipped up to use the bathroom and Rodders wanted to come back up with me. Of course he started to bite me straight away and wasn't taking my NO at all. OH came back down and said it and he stopped straight away. It looks as though I need to change my tone of voice!

We saw OH off out the back door and Rodders curled up on his towel at the back door - not sure if he wanted to wait for him to come back but it will be a long wait as he isn't here again until Monday! He did come through to join me and has curled up at my feet on snuggle fleece.

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