Friday, 28 October 2011

How did I forget

One other thing that Rodders did today was to actually go and play under the weeping tree in the garden. Up until today he has given it a wide birth as to is still in leaf and as it reaches to the ground you can't see under it. He has walked around it and he has played tug with the branches but he has never been under it.

I was watching him from the conservatory and he decided to brave it. He was under there for ages and then shot out, with the wind in his tail, and in to the conservatory. He was soaking wet and filthy!

I dried him off a bit and then put him on the patio tabs with a load of puppy treats to work his way through and gave him a quick groom. He was chewing the puppy brush too while I used the slicker. There only seemed to be one knotty bit!

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