Friday, 28 October 2011

OH's advice

So after yesterdays early start OH advised keeping Rodders up until about 11 last night to help re-set his body clock. Being the good girl that I am I did as I was told. Just after 11 I took Rodders out for his last Piddle. He wasn't impressed at being woken for that and tried to sleep on my foot on the path. He did eventually perform though.

He was put in his crate with a treat and off I went upstairs. Three very minor whinges later we both settled down for the night.

At 5.15 this morning Rodders started to stir and I rolled over. He carried on grumbling quietly until just after 6 when he got quite vocal. I got up and came downstairs, he was very pleased to see me and didn't know if we wanted a fuss or to go in to the garden so we sort of did both. We were in the garden for ages and through the dark I think he did at least 3 piddles, couldn't see if he had poo'd though. Eventually we came back in so that I could out the kettle on for a cuppa. He came in to the kitchen with me and seconds later I turned around to see that he had assumed the position :-( Grabbed him quick and put him out the patio door, he didn't make it off the patio so that had to be cleaned up very quickly.

Once that little drama was over I made my cuppa and his breakfast. He ate quite a lot at the first sitting and then wandered off for a play in the conservatory. He has been back to it but has not finished it.

He has been a bundle of energy and mischief this morning. Oh, and by the way, the crate was dry this morning but he had chewed the puppy pad - should have got up when I first heard him shouldn't I!

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