Monday, 31 October 2011

Dinner and trick or treat

I finished off dinner and had just served up when the Trick or Treaters started to arrive. We had all ages from teeny tiny's to teenagers, some with parents some without. One little boy was just so excited he stood on my doorstep with a big grin and his hands flapping! All of the children were polite and happy with the sweets they were given, thank you £1 Shop. Rodders thought it was all very boring and so he stayed with OH at the Dining Table after having a look at the first lot!

We have fireworks going off again and Rodders really isn't bothered by them at all.

He is so tired he couldn't even be bothered to eat his supper so OH and I ended up on the floor almost hand feeding him kibble. Rodders and OH then had a play on the floor with his new favourite toy - the ball. He then went for a snuggle with OH in the conservatory which I rudely interrupted to get OH to de-gunk Rodders eye's with cotton wool. Rodders wasn't very happy about it and had a chew at OH's fingers while he was doing it, but it is done.

OH fell asleep in the conservatory and Rodders is looking sleepy too. He did take himself off to his bed in the crate but just sat there and barked! OH has gone to see why but I am not sure we will know!

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