Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More visitors

Just before OH got home Kev called to check Rodders and I were home so that he could bring Jane to meet Rodders and have a cuppa and a catch up.

Rodders was still asleep when OH came in the back door but he did lift an eye brow to check who it was. OH picked him up and gave him a fuss and then went to get changed but not before he had shown me his latest party trick - trousers off without undoing his belt! Not sure if he has lost weight again or if he is just changing shape but this is his new suit and it had to be purchased because of the same issue with an old one! Hope he doesn't do it at work or he may be arrested.

As he went up the stairs I put the kettle on and just as it boiled Jane and Kev arrived. Rodders was his usual shy self but soon came out of hits shell when OH came down for a play. I made sure that everyone had a cuppa and caught up with Jane. Gradually Rodders was brave enough to come over and have a sniff of the visitors and I gave them each a treat to give him which helped things along. Jane ended up down on the conservatory floor with Rodders and OH!

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