Monday, 31 October 2011

What is he doing?

OH went back out and unloaded his car of tools as he is working in my garden today finishing off the end of the patio. Rodders stayed inside with me and then we both went out and we let Rodders have a sniff about.

OH came in and changed in the conservatory, Rodders wasn't sure what to make of that!

Then they both went outside and started work. Rodders was sniffing about and was very interested in what was going on. He barked a little as the bricks were moved and was chasing OH as he moved them to the bottom of the garden. He didn't seem to mind all the tools and equipment as long as he was aloud to sniff them.

Bob and Pat got back from their walk and stopped to chat and then I ran upstairs, leaving Rodders in the garden with OH, so I could get dressed in peace - 2nd time in three weeks.

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