Monday, 31 October 2011


Rodders went in to his bed without a peep but I was wandering about upstairs moving things on radiators and he did have a bit of a whinge after about 10 minutes

So Rodders hasn't got the idea of the clock change at all :-( Does anyone have any idea how I stop him from waking at 5.30?

I know I could try just leaving him but when I do come down he is desperate to go out and it is 6 hours plus since his last piddle. He also makes enough noise to wake the neighbours.

He has been in the garden twice but has still piddled on the floor by the lounge door and so he got put out a 3rd time while I cleared up and sprayed liberally with the stain and odour stuff. The joys of open plan mean that I cannot keep him contained in the conservatory where he is close to the patio door - maybe I should have kept the doors :-( But he asks to go out a lot of the time so why do we have this in the morning?

I have put his breakfast down and he has eaten a little of it but doesn't yet seem interested in going back to it. I will lift it at 7am even if he hasn't eaten it.

He is currently playing in the conservatory with his toys.

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