Saturday, 29 October 2011

The back gate

I left Rodders in the garden and came in to make my lunch.

While I was stood there I glanced out of the window and spotted that the back gate was wide open.  I called Rodders as I couldn't see him (Yes, I was panicking!) and shot out the kitchen. He was playing in the conservatory and looked at me as if to say whats your problem!

I shut him in whine I went out to close the gate and lock it. He wasn't happy and barked a fair bit.

What if.......

........ he had got out
.........he got lost
.........nobody knew he was mine (no chip & no ID tag yet)

It doesn't even bear thinking about :-(

The ID tag is on its way, I ordered it last night, it is very nice and has a Saltire on it :-)

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