Thursday, 27 October 2011

Unhappy at the door being shut

We came in and went straight in to the garden. Rodders had a piddle and I grabbed the poop bags. As soon as I had cleared the garden he obliged by filling it up again! He has now found the border against Bob and Pat's fence, which is where the only plants poisonous to dogs are so I think we may need a fence here sooner rather than later, OH are you listening?

I went to the front bin and Rodders stayed at the lounge door without making a sound, he is getting good at that.

We were just playing in the conservatory when the front door went and it was our Wickes delivery. I directed them around the back and they have out our puppy proofing for Peter and Ann's fence and the sleepers to tidy up the end of the patio against the back fence ready for OH to work his magic on Monday. Rodders got a fuss from the delivery driver who wanted to take him home for his wife, I don't think so!

After they left I let Rodders down to have a sniff about them, he was a bit wary at first but soon got over it.

We came in and he had a play in the conservatory but keeps taking his toys from there in to the kitchen, I then have to retrieve them all and put them back which he thinks is a great game.

I don't think he can understand why the back door is closed - it's flipping freezing and damp today, that's why. But you have a woolly coat to keep you warm!

Rodders has been told off a couple of times for chewing the rolled up rug and has then gone on to the lounge and chewed the sofa. A few short, sharp NO's have been in order. He is getting back to normal then!

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