Monday, 31 October 2011

Shower time

I filled todays Kong with Peanut Butter and Kibble before we went upstairs so that I could have a shower. Rodders didn't seem very keen on it :-( Back to Dairylea then!

As I opened the shower door to switch it on Rodders came running so I let him see and he was happy licking the water for a little while.

I then got in and closed the door and he started to bark a little, went off for a play and then came back to bark some more. He did manage to pull a pair of jeans off the radiator but seemed to realise that he should not chew them. When I finished washing me, my hair and conditioning I switched the water off and opened the door. He came to lap up the water and then let me out.

Generally he has been so much better today with no crying.

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