Sunday, 30 October 2011

Why is it dark already?

Not sure if Rodders can work out why it is dark already, he is sure that he has nor had the usual amount of time in the garden playing.

It is getting towards the end of the day when he turns in to a little horror and the number of loud NO's is increasing.

He has tried to attack the curtains a couple of times but is generally playing with his own toys. Or was, until he spotted by two bears that sit on an upturned basket. They deserve a bark!

We have been in the kitchen for a little while so that I could sort out soup for tomorrows lunch - OH is here working in the garden so he will need something to warm him up. I have also turned over the liver, these are probably a bit thicker than I cut them at my last attempt so they are taking longer. Rodders did have a taste and he thinks they are OK.

Rodders has also started to answer back, when he is told no he barks at me. So I keep saying NO until I get the last word.

He is now running up and down the lounge with one of his snuggle fleeces and is looking very pleased with himself.

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