Thursday, 27 October 2011


Rodders was happy playing in the conservatory on his own after OH went and then was running up and down like a lunatic for a while.

He then started barking at the lounge door and I opened it, he was desperate to go up the stairs, does he think OH is hiding up there? I carried he up and put him on the landing and he went straight in to the bathroom for a play with his toilet roll inner, barking and chasing it. He was then happy to come back downstairs.

He went out again for a piddle and then had he is feet wiped and another play. He kept going to the lounge door and sniffing around so I asked if he wanted out again. Nope. He kept going back there and then I spotted that he had piddled by the door :-( Second day running, same spot.

I picked him up and put him in the kitchen while I cleared up. He wasn't happy and was quite vocal. I kept talking so that he could hear me but he still wouldn't quieten. I went in to the kitchen to use the bin and then came out again without talking to him and sat at the Dining Table talking to him. As soon as he was quiet I gave him a puppy treat. He would then whinge again and would not get another treat until he was quiet.

I then went and mopped up the stain and odour remover that had been sprayed quite liberally in the area of the piddle and went to use the bin again. The little horror escaped from the kitchen and got brought swiftly back. I stayed in the kitchen with him for a little while before letting him out.

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