Friday, 28 October 2011

Having fun

Rodders played quite happily both inside and out. He now likes to take his toys outside to the garden but always seems to bring them back.

Eventually he got bored and went to bark at the front door so I got my coat and made him sit while I put his lead on. yes, I know he can't walk outside yet but we can practice to and from the door and he can get used to the extra weight on his collar.

We got stopped at the door by a delivery driver and then we were on our way. We walked up to the Rugby Field (where he will soon be getting lots of walks) down to the main road, along and back through the estate.

We met a little girl with a big Husky. He was interested in Rodders but he paid no attention which earnt Rodders a fuss from her.

He is much more interested in the traffic now and turns his head to watch rather than trying to bury it in my arms.

Back home and in to the garden where he tried to chew his lead, he had walked from the front door with it in his mouth, so I made him sit while I took it off.

We had a run about playing chase which he loves, he barks to ask me to run about again.

I then spotted a half eaten strawberry so grabbed the camera to take a picture as evidence.

He is now playing happily outside and comes running back in for a fuss before chasing off out again.

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