Saturday, 29 October 2011

A lie in and a new game

Rodders didn't whine or cry at all at bedtime last night and he didn't start until just before 6.30 this morning so I came down fairly quickly so he didn't get too vocal.

We went straight in the garden for a piddle and a poo before coming in to make a cuppa and get his breakfast. The other morning, when OH got Rodders up, he dropped some Kibble on the floor and Rodders loved hoovering it up. So todays trick is to take the kibble out of your bowl, drop it, and then eat it from the floor! He did sit nicely for his breakfast though and he has eaten almost all of it so far.

He has been happily playing in the conservatory and has already asked to go in the garden again where, I think, he ate a slug eeeeuughhhhh  :-(

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