Monday, 31 October 2011

Rodders and Maty go visiting

Where I used too work were having a bake off competition and Rodders and I had been invited to attend the tasting and judging session :-) We left OH in the garden working and off we went.

This is the longest car journey Rodders has done since he came home three weeks ago so it could be interesting. I didn't need to worry, he gave a couple of whinges from the car crate as we left home and then not a peep out of him. When I got to Stockley Park he sat and waited for me to put on his lead before he was allowed out of the crate and I carried him in to the office. I signed in at reception and, as it was someone different, I had to wait for Denise to come and get me.

We saw lots of people while we were stood in reception, Rodders got lots of fusses and I got a kiss! Denise, Rodders and I made our way upstairs and the place was mobbed with people from all departments trying cake. The standard was very high this year as you can see below and they had a Halloween theme. Gareth managed to hold on to his crown apparently, he is a fantastic baker and made me a yummy cheesecake in my last week.

I managed to catch up with lots of people, collect my briefcase and drop a form in to HR for them to complete but it was soon time to leave - we can't stop them working for too long! They were surprised at how quiet and calm Rodders was!!!!!

Denise came out with me and we put Rodders on the grass while we were talking in the hope that he would have a piddle. No chance, all he wanted to do was chew his lead or chase leaves. Denise and I said goodbye & I thought I would see if Rodders would walk on his lead. He did brilliantly, and made me stop so he could have a piddle :-)

Another minor whinge as we left Stockley Park and then silence all the way home :-)

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