Thursday, 27 October 2011

Double Grrrr

Rodders was woken by the postman delivering a parcel. We then went straight to the back door and I let him out in the garden. He sat on the back step for a few minutes and then came back in and went straight back to snuggle fleece.

I nipped to the bathroom after asking if he wanted to come with me. No, he is staying on snuggle fleece. I went upstairs and could hear him come to the stairs and have a whinge, he then barked a bit with me talking to him.

I came back down and he had piddled on the floor at the bottom of the stair :-( He wanted to go back on snuggle fleece but I put him in the kitchen while I cleaned up, much to his disgust! He barked and whined a bit but settled (this is a first). Who knows, I may be able to put him in there with toys when I want to do things around the house one day.

He is now up to mischief so has woken up properly. Time to get washed and dressed!

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