Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Lounge Door

Rodders has been playing inside and out and he loves to run full length of the lounge. Most of the time he is happy to run back to the conservatory if I tap the floor. He loves hairing about like a lunatic. But I have a concern about him at the lounge door, he has piddled there a couple of times and he now likes to chew the bottom of the sofa and I need to stop it. So if he won't come back straight away I have been down there to check out why and give a loud NO if required. So far today he has stopped what he was doing, once he barked back. Twice he was sniffing around and I asked if he wanted to go in the garden and he came with me to the patio door.

And then one sniff and he starts to piddle. I shouted NO, grabbed him and put him straight in the garden (dressing gown needs to go back in the wash) and pulled the door to so that I could go and clear up. He barked twice, disgruntled at being shut out, and then went off to play. So I have cleared up and liberally sprayed with stain and odour removal. Not sure how to stop this once a day delight but it has to stop. There is no need for it, the patio door was wide open.

I have really tried hard to be more interactive with him this morning, fussing him, playing with his toys, in the hope that we would not have this today but it hasn't worked.

It isn't just a small scenting piddle, it is as though he has held on for hours.

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