Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Dog Trainer

Before OH got home we had fireworks going off all around us and Rodders was not stirring at all. Today is Dawali apparently.

I gave the Dog Trainer a call and I think he is going to be quite strict, good, but strict. He has been training dogs for over 42 years and certainly knows his stuff. He also breeds Cocker Spaniels and Spinoni's and will only let people buy them if they promise not to leave them in the first two weeks! That would have been me out then!

He currently runs puppy classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings but may also do a class in the week. I explained that I am currently unemployed so Rodders and I can go anytime.

We talked about Rodders being upset when left and he gave me a few pointers - no toys, leave food type stuff to chew and keep him occupied including frozen kongs stuffed with sausage meat and dog chews.

It looks as though we can start on the weekend after next which I think will be good as Rodders is ready. But we can't get that confirmed until we have delivered the registration form to them with the fee.

We were on the phone for almost half an hour!

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