Thursday, 27 October 2011

Booking in at Dog School

We got in the car and Rodders had a very small whinge. I drove to the small Tesco and left Rodders in the car while I got cash out,  he was OK and didn't make a sound until I got back in and drove off. Maybe I should have got him out or gone and talked to him before I got back in the car?

Anyway, after 5 minutes he settled down and was quiet and we went to find Rossway Dog Training School. I missed the turning the first time so had to turn around and try again. It is down a one track road but quite easy to find, despite the fact that I missed the actual gateway and had to reverse!

It is set in 3 acres, right by the canal and there is a mooring for Barges (out of bounds to the dog school), a wooden building where the offices, loo's and classes are and a separate field with agility stuff.  There are 2 vehicles in the car park all logo's up, OH would be happy with one as it is a Land Rover SWB Defender. I got Rodders out of the car and we went in. Pete (the chap I spoke to last night) was there with a family of three and their dog doing a one to one class and there was a Spinoni (I think) in a crate watching (he looked gorgeous).

We had a quick word and Pete gave Rodders a fuss and handed me a load of paperwork to read so I know what is expected. He will be in touch to let us know which class we will be attending. We walked back out and Rodders went back in his car crate without a murmur.

We drove back a different way and found a beautiful, huge, house at the end of the lane and we ended up in Long Chaulden so back on familiar territory. We then went to the old town and got a Housewarming Card and a small gift for my sister Kirsty as she and Finnan move house tomorrow. We had a wander about and spotted Sue and Sophie from No 1 too. Rodders and I both jumped as we were walking passed a big lorry and there was a crash from the back. He got a bit of a fuss from a lady outside one of the shops.

We then got back in the car and came home. As I opened the boot Rodders looked so comfy and wasn't very happy that I was taking him out again. But at least he had been given a puppy treat each time we stopped!

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