Friday, 28 October 2011

Another lovely day

It is another lovely day and so the patio door is open so that Rodders can go in and out as he wants, he loves that.

I made myself something to eat and he was in and out playing. Then he could hear noises from next door, just Bob and Pat talking in their garden, and he wasn't sure about it so came running in and sat beside me. I took him back outside and we talked about what he could hear and what it was. Does he understand me? Who knows, but it seems to keep him happier.

I gradually moved from the patio to the path, talking as I went. Bob then spotted us and stopped to talk to Rodders, who ignored him and sat by me. Bob was just going to get his car out so I stayed and explained to Rodders that he would hear the garage door, then the car start up and move, then the car door and then the garage door again. He seemed quite happy and stayed beside me. Once I came in he followed me but he has been back out on his own.

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