Thursday, 13 October 2011

First visit to the litter

Sandwiched between a Wedding and an Evening Wedding Reception, not a great time to pick but hey!

So I got up in the morning and put my glad rags on, went to the wedding and (silently) cursed the bride for being 15 minutes late - didn't she know I had puppies to go and see? Lovely wedding by the way and very much what the couple wanted. Quick dash to my sister's to change and then she & I drove the (scenic) way to the breeder in Lincolnshire.

We had a chat with the breeder (and met Mum) before being allowed in to see the puppies. How could you possibly resist them???? Five little cuties running about the room, with the floor covered in newspaper to catch any accidents. They were crawling all over us and loved being fussed and I lost my heart to one puppy in particular. We stayed for feeding time and for me to answer my looooong list of questions, were shown the difference between a stripped coat and a clipped coat, met Dad and half brother before being told that I was allowed to buy one and yes, the one I had lost my heart to was available! We agreed on a date for me to pick him up when he would be 8 weeks and 4 days old.

OH was texting me to check what the litter was like and if I was getting one. I ignored him, surely he knows that I couldn't go to see a litter and not pick a puppy! I did talk to him on the way home though!

Then the dash home, change back in to my glad rags and the evening reception (which was a fantastic evening) before collapsing in to bed with puppy thoughts streaming through my head.

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