Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hmmm, that was odd

Rodders only got three meals today as he didn't wake up for his supper.

Just before 11pm Rodders woke up and asked to go in to the garden for a piddle so I decided it was bed time.  While he was out there he could hear people up the road making a noise and so he was barking at them.

When he came in he didn't want to go in to his bed and had to be encouraged in to the crate. No sooner was I upstairs and half undressed than he started barking. I was just about to come downstairs when he stopped so I carried on getting undressed and in to bed. Five minutes later he started again and wasn't showing any signs of stopping. Concerned in case his tummy was playing him up still I came down and let him in to the garden. He stood out there and barked and barked so I made him come in and put him back in his bed.

He was then quiet until about 7.30am. I came down and let him out in to the garden and then prepared his breakfast and my cuppa. I knew that OH would already be on the road so I gave him a call to see how he was doing.

I suddenly realised that the bin men were outside and I hadn't put my bin out. I left Rodders in the lounge and went and moved it to make sure it was emptied. Rodders wasn't happy and made a lot of noise about being left on his own.

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