Sunday, 27 November 2011

Back home with a new bed pad

Once we were back in the house I put the new bed pad down by the sofa and put a snuggle fleece on it to try and make it more familiar. Rodders wasn't impressed and, as I went to make a cuppa, he dragged it all the way to the conservatory!

I left him to pull it around but, when he asked to go in the garden, I put it in his crate. When he came back in he wanted up for a snuggle. After a little while I popped him in the crate on top of the new bed pad, he came straight out. I then got some small treats and dropped them all over the bed pad and he went back in to the crate to hoover them up.

We both had lunch, he only ate half of his (not surprised after all those treats) and then he asked to go back in the garden.

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