Friday, 25 November 2011

OH working on the house

OH is busy putting an outside light up for Rodders so that he can see (and be seen) in the garden in the dark. It is one of those clever ones that comes on by itself if something moves within a certain area. This also involves rewiring the passage lights as we needed to move the switch.

Although Rodders adores OH he has been quite happy to have a look at what he is doing and then leave him to it.

OH needed more bits from the DIY store and so I was despatched to get them. I put Rodders in his bed with some treats but did not shut the crate. I was gone for about half an hour, the radio was on and OH was pottering about in the passage but Rodders didn't seem to realise until 5 minutes before I got back that he could get out by himself. He was very happy to be able to greet me at the lounge door though.

The rest of the time he has kept well out of OH's way and has slept on his snuggle fleece or played with his toys in the conservatory. I had visions of him trying to climb the ladder and under his feet all day so I am pleasantly surprised.

Rodders has asked to go out in the garden for a piddle and a play and OH tried to get him to come back in through the back door rather than the patio door where he usually comes in. Rodders didn't understand that at all so I let him in the usual way.

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