Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saturday night/Sunday Morning

Rodders slept on my knee for a lot of yesterday evening, each time I put him & snuggle fleece down on the floor he woke up and squeaked until I gave in and let him back up.

I had to carry him out in to the garden for a piddle at bedtime. Neither of us wanted to be out there as it was blowing a gale so as soon as he had done what he had to do he ran back in to the house.

Because of a battle over the bed pad the crate door was pushed too so he couldn't out himself to bed. Must remember to open it on the way out if that happens again.

He sat on snuggle fleece as I locked up and switched off the lights and had to be lifted in to his bed as I gave him his treats, said goodnight and locked the crate.

Not a peep from him until 6.50 this morning, very surprising as it was really windy overnight.

I came down and let him in to the garden and he had a piddle and came straight back in for a snuggle before asking to go back out for a poo. He also started to bark at Bob next door who was off fishing so I went out to say hello and quieten Rodders down. It was spitting with rain so I told Bob he was brave to be going out in this and to make sure he was anchored down.

We came back in and Rodders was happy to come up on my knee for a while.

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